My work is socially oriented, focused on highlighting flaws in the Peruvian society. Questioning and confrontation are the tools that enable me to build this process. Through different media, such as audio, installations, urban interventions, I attempt to create a dialogue with the spectator.


The Nobodies Installation
JVA Prison in Weimar,Germany

This was an installation in one of the cells of the prison (JVA-Weimar). I made a path with dead insects. Most of them I collected in jail, some of them I bought and others came from my country,Peru. I tried to create a link with migration and fragility- also with the loophole that there is in law related with migrants.
In their own environment all of these insects will be invisible or camouflage in the nature. But in an urban environment these are completely vulnerable, between flies and bees, the butterflies and the beetles are exposed. Thus, in the public space people supposedly are part of a mass without identity but what happens with people of different race, gender or age, that are evidently not part of it?
“Künstler der Pazific-Allianz” Maria-Reiche-Saal Embassy of Peru. Berlin-Germany.
"There is an exhibitions in the prison" JVA Weimar-Germany.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo