My work is socially oriented, focused on highlighting flaws in the Peruvian society. Questioning and confrontation are the tools that enable me to build this process. Through different media, such as audio, installations, urban interventions, I attempt to create a dialogue with the spectator.


Memory... Installation
170 x 130 cm

Piece done for the exhibition “La cantuta en nuestra Memoria, 20 años” (La Cantuta in our memory, 20 years). The work was born of the kidnapping and disappearance of nine students and one professor of "La Cantuta" in 1992 by the paramilitary group Colina.
It pretends to put aside the political relevance of this case and focus his eyes on the human and intimate side of each of the missing people, so we can cut the distance that creates a victim when becomes a political case. In a metaphorical way, life and death are contrasted, like epitaphs.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo