My work is socially oriented, focused on highlighting flaws in the Peruvian society. Questioning and confrontation are the tools that enable me to build this process. Through different media, such as audio, installations, urban interventions, I attempt to create a dialogue with the spectator.


¿Emergentes? Collective - Private Metre Intervention
Centro Cultural España CCE Lima-Peru.

Exhibition at the CCE Lima, Peru, in which was exhibited the registration of three interventions that it took place in Lima.

1000 public metres
The privatization that has happened and continues today in cliffs, beaches and in our Costa Verde ocean; demonstrate a lack of democratization in these spaces. It is worth saying that this is the natural
heritage of all people in Lima.
In this context, the intervention made consisted on delimiting- for a few hours- part of the cliff, fish market, dock and sea in the district of Chorrillos, Lima-Peru.

Some Green Mettres
Lima (Peru) is one of the cities with the lowest per capita green area: 2.9 m2 on average, districts like San Juan Lurigancho and Brena have lower amounts to 1m2. Yet these areas are at risk of being privatized, according to the logic of progress and market.
This is an intervention that plays with the possibility of privatization of common space such as green areas. The intervention took place in the district of Brena, Lima-Peru.

The model introduced today by a social and economic system seeks to standardize individuals within a society. It dictates patterns of life, education, entertainment, etc.
Each individual is a disputed territory. In that sense, the action trying to show everyday situations where people have been absorbed by the system.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo