My work is socially oriented, focused on highlighting flaws in the Peruvian society. Questioning and confrontation are the tools that enable me to build this process. Through different media, such as audio, installations, urban interventions, I attempt to create a dialogue with the spectator.


in progress

Is a project related to Peruvian identity.Peru is a country where racism is extreme and is a tabu. Is a Facebook application where it provides options for users to create their avatars (different types of eyes, hair, faces, different types of clothes by geographical areas etc) these options are adapted to the environment in Peru.(peruvian own context) In a playful way whrere you can go into the imaginary of each user and then to create the collective imaginary as the information that each usercan create avatars by geographical areas (with the most used options). The project may help to know howt the Peruvians see themselfs, and if we respondto aspirational models or really accept us with different biotypes that exist in Peru.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo